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Individuals & Families

We Are Dedicated to the Individuals We Serve.

At M6PT, our team is driven by the common goal of developing next generation therapies to address the unmet needs of individuals affected by lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs). We are working to create therapies with the potential to relieve suffering, restore health, and improve lives. 

We do not settle for treating only the somatic symptoms of the disease. We are developing therapies with the potential to address all of the complications of LSDs, both somatic and central nervous system (CNS) related.

We actively engage with the communities we serve. We value and respect each individuals’ perspective because our science is only as powerful as the voices behind it.

We believe that incorporating the voices of those affected by disease into everything we do, from understanding the journey that individuals go through to developing the clinical trial design to executing our programs, is imperative. These insights guide our drug development process from the earliest stage.

The problem has been the ability to increase M6P content in production cells lines to yield lysosomal enzymes with adequate levels of M6P for efficient targeting via the M6P receptor pathway. No one has been able to predictably and reliably increase the content of M6P, until now.