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Corporate Responsibility

We Are Responsible to All Communities We Serve.

At M6PT, we seek to add meaningful value for individuals affected by disease, medical, health system, employee, and shareholders communities. This purpose guides our day-to-day operations and business practices. With individuals affected by disease at the heart of everything we do, we strive to create a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future for everyone.

The Patient Community: Developing Treatments for Individuals with LSDs

We develop next generation treatments to serve unmet need for those affected by LSDs.

Our Employees: Making a Difference

We align expertise, capabilities, authority, and accountability so that our employees can make a difference on the job. We promote equity and inclusion across our company to give everyone with the same scope of opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed.

Our Shareholders: Providing Value to All

We are committed to providing value for all stakeholders. We are transparent, clearly state our goals, and demonstrate progress against these goals.

Our Local Communities: Investing in the Next Innovators

We believe that community is very important. We are headquartered in the mid-west: St. Louis, MO, and we are proud members of our community. Giving back starts at home. Our business is science, and our passion is people, so we work with local organizations to encourage science education from an early age to generate interest in science and lead to the development of the next generation of great innovators.

Our Environment: Working Toward Sustainability

We understand the importance of protecting our environment. We are mindful of how our actions affect our environment, and we make choices to minimize impact of on the environment.